Project Overview:

For decades we have been champions of the mobility industry. With DKV Group smart mobility solutions, we connect businesses and lives across Europe. Our fuel cards, tolls, and refund-secure mobile solutions are working on the base of Europe's most extensive station network. We enable borderless logistics and transportation, payment, and fleet management solutions.

Now we are progressing to the next level: In times of digitization and climate change, our company aims to continue its tradition as the one mobility service provider that keeps its customers driving.

You'll join a team of GreenFlux, that provides POI data from several Charge Point Operators, EV Hubs, and NAPs.

Become part of a dedicated professional team that helps shape European commercial mobility.

Квітослава Світлицька
  • Technical tasks designing, implementation, automation, refactoring.
  • Code review, code optimization.
  • Collaborating with other engineers to deliver high-quality software on time.
  • Proceeding with team planning, estimations, commitments, backlog replenishment.
  • Communicating with the customer for requirements analysis, sprint routines, estimations, and retrospectives.
  • Participating in post-release support and monitoring activities.
  • Creating and presenting a technical vision.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of current front-end practices and frameworks.
  • You have strong knowledge of Razor and Vue.js.
  • You value idiomatic and efficient HTML, SCSS/SASS/LESS, and TypeScript/JavaScript code.
  • You have enough knowledge to create controllers or make small improvements in .NET/C#.
  • You have 1+ years of experience with .Net systems.
  • Experience with responsive designs (using Bootstrap).
  • Be able to use Git as version control.
  • Professional fluency in English.
  • A sustainable mindset!

This is our tech stack:

  • A microservices architecture using the latest versions of C#/.NET.
  • Front-end, currently developed with ASP.NET MVC/Razor and transitioning to Vue.js.
  • Cloud-native services deployed on Azure.
  • Focus on serverless and event-driven architecture (Azure Functions, Service Bus, Event Hub).
  • Cloud-native storage technologies (Azure SQL, Cosmos DB, Redis, Synapse).
  • Elasticsearch and Kibana for logging.
  • Azure DevOps.
  • Infrastructure as code (ARM/Bicep).
  • Automated testing, for example, using SpecFlow and Selenium.
Nice to have:
  • Experience testing frontend layers.
  • Experience with debugging and troubleshooting distributed systems.
  • Experience with defining and integrating HTTP (REST) APIs.
  • Understanding of microservice and architectures and distributed systems.
  • Understanding of Infrastructure as Code (IaC).


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